We believe the design process is a two-way street. The client holds the idea and generally knows what they’re after and it’s our job to uncover this vision and bring it to life.

We’ve put together a few thoughts to help you collaborate with us as your design team and to enjoy the process of reaching your dream project outcome together.

Describe your what and your why

Describe what you think you need and why you need it. Don’t be scared to get into the detail – the more a designer has – the faster the desired outcome.

“We need a logo for a new brand. We need it tie in with our existing brand, but would like to change up the colour scheme to freshen it up. This will be used for upcoming event collateral and our website.”

List your goals

What do you want this to do – don’t talk about your goals for what it looks like, list your goals for the project to be successful.

“We need this logo to convey a very professional, industry leading position, get people excited about the event, and still make a clear connection to our old brand.”

Tell your story

This is not so much your history, unless that’s useful, but more the unique elements of your story that makes you different – describe your culture, your staff and what you stand for.

“We put flexibility first, we support those with families and side hustles. We have a work hard, play hard mantra.”

Sketch your audience

This is one element you should have a really good handle on.

“Our ideal customers are 25 – 40-year old’s who consider themselves to be hip & tech savvy individuals. They want everything to be convenient and hate waiting for things.”

Define your core messages

Another element that you should have already, but if not, pick up the phone and call five of your best customers and ask them what you do that they value the most. Now record those calls word for word and capture the themes that come up. You’ll be surprised how important this can be for a designer to hear.

Know what you don’t want

This is a category that few think to address but, it’s sometimes easier for people to say what they don’t want than it is to verbalise what they do want.

If you know that certain ways to portray your brand are completely out of the question, culturally, aesthetically or otherwise, say so loudly.

Communication is key

Not just when briefing but throughout the process. If you are presented with initial concepts and you are not happy with them. Pick up the phone and chat through this with your designer. Initial concepts are not final, and it is up to the designer to better understand the elements you like and don’t like and make these updates until you are happy.

We hope this helps you uncover your creativity and better put into words what your vision looks like. At Be Visual Co we place this collaborative process above all else. We love working with our clients to help them achieve their goals. 

Ask others to test your site to make sure every link and menu is working efficiently. Check that user experience is still as efficient as it could be.

Want to learn more?

If you are thinking about your next design project – let’s talk, we’d love to help you improve your site to appeal to your audience.