Ashleigh Power is the newest member of the Be Visual family – we are super excited to have Ashleigh and her brilliant design talent in the team.

Describe a bit about yourself and what you do.

I am a freelance graphic designer living in Newcastle, NSW. I have been in the design industry for 9 years now and I am always finding new reasons why I love what I do! I am from a print background and still get a kick out of seeing my work in print.
I live with my husband Scott, one year old, Liam and dog, Pepper. We love renovating our home and travelling although both are on hold at the moment! I love creating and always need to be busy. Equally, I love a good Netflix session!

What item can you not survive your day without?

Chocolate. It really is a problem! I am often caught having a sneaky square or two at breakfast time! I need to curb my behaviour because I now have someone who will grow up thinking it is ok to have chocolate for breakfast. My phone would have to be a close second!

What made you want to to be a Graphic Designer?

As a kid, I would always design my own “magazines” and make collages from catalogues and other things I would find. I was a font nerd (in Microsoft Word ’95!) and was always making something. It wasn’t until a careers day in high school where I learned that what I loved doing was called “graphic design” from there it was my goal. There was no plan B.

What do you enjoy most about working at Be Visual Co?

I am so excited to be here, I love that I can finally work towards the perfect life balance and it is more important than ever now that I am a mum. I love how I get to work with great people and clients while still spending time with my son.

Where were you working when you learnt your biggest career lesson and what was it?

I have learned so many valuable lessons in the last 9 years! The biggest would have to be to know your worth and trust your experience. It is one lesson I have been slowly learning over the last few roles I have had. Confidence will get you much further than you expect.

How do you (try to) achieve a work-life balance?

I try really hard to have set working hours and when I’m off the clock, I like to keep busy and try not to check emails (unless I am expecting something). Spending time outdoors with my son is a great way to unwind and enjoy life! Also I’m big on goal setting. If I have something to look forward to it gives a reason for me to keep going!

What has been your biggest influence (person or experience) career wise to date?

My biggest influence would have to be my brother (who is absolutely killing it in the software development world). His relaxed attitude and genuine enthusiasm inspires me to keep learning and that no goal is too high.

What advice do you have for a budding Graphic Designer?

Hustle hard! Know your worth and chase your goals. Always keep learning. There is always room for improvement.